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time memory beauty hope (2016)

by Seth Ford-Young

selections from the new album


Gnossienne #1 @ Brava Theater


      Seth Ford-Young is a bassist, composer and singer based in Los Angeles. He has collaborated with a dazzling cross section of artists, from Tom Waits, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Beats Antique to The Hot Club of San Francisco, Rocco DeLuca and Barry Manilow.
      Ford-Young started his musical adventures as the lead singer of punk band Initial Reaction, which played clubs around Washington DC. While it might seem like a long journey from DC Hardcore to Parisian café music, Pop and Jazz, Ford-Young gleaned a tremendous amount of information about life on and off the bandstand during his punk days that he’s still drawing from today.

Artists Seth has performed live or in the studio with include; Tom Waits, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Rodriguez, Beats Antique, Barry Manilow, John Vanderslice, Rocco DeLuca, Alexander, Crash, Letts,  Sean Hayes, Eric McFadden, Sasha Dobson, The California Honeydrops, Mohsen Namjoo and The Hot Club of San Francisco.

Film credits include;

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The Tiger and the Snow (2005) -Bass

Swing (2006) -Bass, Bass Coach

All is Lost (2013) -Bass

Bad Grampa.5 (2014) -Bass, co-composer

The Illusion (short) (2015) -Bass, arrangement

A Woman Like Me (2015) -Bass, arrangement

Coming Through the Rye (2015) -Bass, co-composer

Three Women (short) (2016) -Bass, co-composer

Mr. Church (2016) -Bass, co-composer

Hamlet in the Golden Vale (2018) -Composer, Orchestrator, Bass


Television appearances include;

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-David Letterman-

with Edward Sharpe - "Man on Fire"(2012) and "Life is Hard"(2013)

with Crash - "Motion Animal"(2014)

-Conan O'Brien-

with Alexander - "Truth"(2011)

with Edward Sharpe - (2011) and "Better Days"(2013)

-Jimmy Kimmel-

with Edward Sharpe - (2012) , (2015)




2019- Seth ford-Young “Hamlet in the Golden Vale” (original motion picture soundtrack)

2019- moonie.moonie “coyote” EP

2019- Candy Jacket Jazz Band - “Unstuck in Time”

2018- Mia and Jonah “Spin as One” miaandjonah.com

2018- moonie.moonie “water” EP https://www.mooniemoonie.com/

2018- Peel’d “Mother Father Sister Brother” EP

2018- Luke Top “The Dumb Show” EP http://www.luketop.com/

2018- Muppet Babies Soundtrack -Disney Junior

2017- Keenan McKenzie - "Forged in Rhythm"

2017-Mike Mangione - "But I've Seen the Stars"

2017-Candy Jacket Jazz Band - "S/T"

2016-Luke Top - "Suspect Highs" http://www.luketop.com/

2016-Seth Ford-Young - "time memory beauty hope"

2016–Beats Antique – "Shadowbox" http://www.beatsantique.com/

2016-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros –"PersonA" http://www.edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros.com/

2015-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros — “Live, in no particular order”

2014-Myles Boisen: Past-Present-Future² - “Abstractions and Blood Red Blues”

2014-Barry Manilow – “My Dream Duets”

2014-Rocco DeLuca – “Rocco DeLuca” http://roccodeluca.com/

2013-Alexander — “All is Lost ” original score (golden globe winner) http://alexanderebert.com/

2013–Crash — “Hardly Criminal” http://www.crashdangdoodle.com/

2013-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “S/T” http://www.edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros.com/

2012-The Tiger Lillies - "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

2012-Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends w/Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - http://www.flaminglips.com/

2012-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros — "Here" http://www.edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros.com/

2012–Beats Antique – "Contraption vol II" http://www.beatsantique.com/

2011-John Vanderslice w/ Magik*Magik Orchestra — "WhiteWilderness" http://www.johnvanderslice.com/

2011-Eric McFadden “Inside Out”

2011-Seth Ford-Young - "S/T"  http://www.portofrancorecords.com/

2010-The California Honeydrops “Spreadin’ Honey”

2010-Mark Growden – "Saint Judas" http://www.portofrancorecords.com/artists/mark-growden/

2010-Sean Hayes - “Run Wolves Run”  http://www.seanhayesmusic.com/

2010-Chris Grady - “On It”

2009-Tom Waits - “Glitter and Doom Live”   http://www.tomwaits.com/

2009-Tom Waits - live7″ from the Glitter and Doom tour   http://www.tomwaits.com/

2009-Beats Antique - “Contraption vol. 1”  http://www.beatsantique.com/

2009-Scott Pinkmountain and the Golden Bolts of Tone - ”The Full Sun” http://scottpinkmountain.com/

2009-Eric McFadden - ”Train to Salvation” ericmcfadden.com

2008-Beats Antique - ”Collide” http://www.beatsantique.com/

2008-Duo Gadjo - "Meet me in Paris"  http://www.duogadjo.com/

2008-Vermillion Lies – ”What’s in the Box?” vermillionlies.com

2008–Mia and Jonah - “Rooms for Adelaide” miaandjonah.com

2007–Eric McFadden - ”Let’s Die Together Forever” ericmcfadden.com

2007-Beats Antique - ”Tribal Derivations” http://www.beatsantique.com/

2006-Tom Waits - ”Orphans”
on the songs: ain’t goin’ down to the well, lord i’ve been changed, road to peace, tell it to me, fannin street, goodnight irene, danny says, jayne’s blue wish and young at heart.  http://www.tomwaits.com/

2006-Mia and Jonah - ”Hallelujah EP” miaandjonah.com

2006–Vermillion Lies - “Separated by Birth” vermillionlies.com

2005-Tom Waits - ”La Tigre e la Neve” soundtrack (Sony-BMG)

2005-Mia and Jonah - ”Shine I” miaandjonah.com

2004-Myles Boisen - ”Past, Pesent, Future”  mylesboisen.com

2003-Guerilla Hi-Fi - ”Redevelopment”  guerrillahifi.infoi

2003-Grippo - ”Circuits”  grippomusic.com

2002-Sasha Dobson - ”Songs for My Father” sashadobson.com

2001–Guerilla Hi-Fi - ”Echo Springs”  guerrillahifi.infoi





New album November 4th , 2016 !




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